Icumsa 45 Sugar


Icumsa 45 sugar, Origin Brazil, known today as white sugar, is one of the most sought after by sugar importers worldwide, due to its purity and brightness.

As the highest quality sugar available on the market today. The sugar has a sparkling white color and is highly refined, suitable for human consumption and use in a wide range of food products,

In addition, it has a high demand due to the fact that it is safer, since its refining process removes bacteria and contaminants present in raw sugars.

Our Icumsa 45 White Refined Sugar is a highly refined sugar, and it is easily recognizable by its distinctive sparkling white color and pure sucrose taste. We work with honesty and loyalty to perform the fair business activities which make us trustworthy in this competitive market.

Our staff is well versed in the commodities market, especially bulk sugar and will deliver accurate, timely information that your business can rely on.

Refined Sugar 45 Icumsa Max



The origin of the Refined Sugar cane Icumsa 45 shall is Brazil.


Delivery shall be C.I.F, ASWP according to Schedule of Delivery. Buyer will provide specific details for each Port of delivery, 30 days in advance.


The first shipment will be within 3 weeks after the bank instrument is received and confirmed. Balance order will subsequently follow the monthly schedule.


1. Buyer Issues LOI

2. FCO is issued by the seller.

3. Buyer send ICPO + BCL (Bank Comfort Letter), folowed by SPA from the Buyer

4. All requests for pop after bcl or after spa and draft of l.c. approved by buyers / sellers then duly stamped by the respective banks.

5. Payment Instrument: Irrevocable, Confirmed & Transferable DLC payable at the loading Port, from World Top 25 banks